Bob Ross Action Figure Unveiled by NECA

As revealed at Toy Fair in New York, Bob Ross is getting a clothed action figure from NECA, and he looks just as amazing as you would expect. Known for the art he regularly created on The Joy of Painting, Ross is one of the most beloved television personalities of all time. Though he is no longer with us, the legacy he left lives on thanks to the continued love of his fans and support from companies like NECA.

There have been many great reveals from NECA over the past several days. Mostly, the company’s new figures were of various horror movie characters, like Friday the 13th Part V‘s Roy Burns, Halloween II‘s Michael Myers, and It‘s Pennywise the Dancing Clown. A 2-pack featuring Sloth and Chunk from The Goonies was also unveiled, and it’s just too hard to say which announcement is the most exciting out of everything to be shown at the event.

You can take a look at some photos of the Bob Ross figure below!

From NECA:

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

Bob Ross, beloved host of the mega-popular television show The Joy of Painting, is the latest addition to NECA’s line of clothed action figures. Millions of people around the world are familiar with his soothing voice and amazing ability to bring beautiful scenes to life from blank canvas to completion in each half-hour episode.

Standing at 8” tall and fully articulated, Bob Ross wears his signature look from The Joy of Painting and will create a happy little space on your shelf. He comes with a paint palette, 2 brushes, a palette knife, and a large easel display.

Bob Ross will ship in Q2 2019. You can see more pics and find out more info over at the official website.

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